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Ambition Has No Gender

Stories of vulnerability and courage, shared in confidence with the INSEAD CMO

Here at INSEAD, our commitment is to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion by creating a diverse community where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and pursue their ambitions.

Now in it’s 5th year, the Limitless campaign is our way of celebrating the many different journeys of women at INSEAD, showcasing their achievements and the support INSEAD offers at every career stage; women who have dared to push beyond their limits to create positive change.

INSEAD Chief Marketing Officer Severine Guilloux sat down with six alumnae to explore their stories in a series of inspiring fireside chats. Though they hail from different cultures, countries and generations, each story is both familiar and unique.

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Featuring women from INSEAD Programmes,
and the INSEAD Chief Marketing Officer

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Learn how our alumnae have overcome complex issues and the role INSEAD played in their journey.

#AmbitionHasNoGender #INSEADLimitless #DiversityEquityInclusion #EmbraceDiversity #INSEADWomen

Featuring women from
INSEAD Master Programmes

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Hear our alumnae converse candidly about complex issues they overcame and the role INSEAD played in their careers.

#AmbitionHasNoGender #INSEADLimitless #DiversityEquityInclusion #EmbraceDiversity #INSEADWomen

Featuring women from
INSEAD Programmes

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Learn how our alumnae have overcome complex issues and the role INSEAD played in their journey.

#AmbitionHasNoGender #INSEADLimitless #DiversityEquityInclusion #EmbraceDiversity #INSEADWomen

Featuring women from our suite of
Programmes for senior executives

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Discover the transformative impact that INSEAD Programmes had on the careers of our alumnae.

#AmbitionHasNoGender #INSEADLimitless #DiversityEquityInclusion #EmbraceDiversity #INSEADWomen

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Focusing on opportunities

Ausie Widawati | Aspiring Consultant, Musical Performer

Ausie feels strongly about what society expects from women, the pressure that exerts, and how she turns it into an opportunity for growth. Her aim is to become an environment and technology consultant. Watch the interview

Designing a life you love

Daniele Raugi | People and Culture Leader, Mother

Daniele believes that the need to demonstrate our worth is a vestige of entrenched gender codes. To create a life we love we must aim to make a difference – by staying curious and interested in learning, and growing, continuously.
Watch the interview

Imagine it, achieve it

Nathalie Parent | People Officer, Explorer

In Nathalie’s opinion, women need to be more assertive and confident about the value they bring to the organisation. Don’t let others limit your horizons! Her message to young people is that there is ‘an infinite runway’ ahead of them to achieve their dreams.
Watch the interview

Be your true self

Oyinade Ola | Internal Auditor, Fitness Enthusiast

Whether it’s her ethnicity, her gender or her ambition, Oyinade has realised that being true to herself is key. Having diversity in a team gives it the unique advantage of multiple different perspectives.
Watch the interview

Owning your choices

Shivani Kannabhiran | Sustainability Expert, Foodie

Have confidence and make the most of the choices you’ve made, says Shivani. She credits her time at INSEAD with giving her the confidence of knowing herself, and the ability to take the risks that accompany all opportunities.
Watch the interview

Excellence, not perfection

Viviana Mitrache-Rimbault | Public Affairs Director, Tennis Player

Viviana feels that things are changing now, and women have the same potential as men to excel. It’s a question of attitude and abilities, she says, adding that her time at INSEAD gave her solidity at a personal level and from a professional, leadership perspective. Watch the interview

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